Does the "dark mode" protect against myopia?

Many external factors such as visual habits, lighting, contrast, spending time outdoors, etc. seem to have an influence on the development of myopia. The role played by the use of digital devices is being scientifically investigated in many studies. In the article "Prevention of myopia" (Schaeffel, F. (2019). Prevention of myopia. Der Ophthalmologe, 116(6), 509-517), reading writing on a white background, as well as reading inverted writing, and the associated changes in the eye are described. According to this, reading inverted writing seems to have a positive effect on the eye, more precisely on the choroid of the eye. In everyday life, this scientific finding can be implemented very easily. Everyone who wants to protect his eyes from increasing myopia should use the dark mode on his digital devices. On the iPhone, you can find the dark mode under "Settings" > "Display & Brightness" > "Dark".

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