ocobii - Manage visual training cleverly!

ocobii is a cloud-based software application for visual training. Opticians and optometrists can use it to create visual training exercise plans and easily share them with their customers via app or link.


ocobii organizer

The ocobii organizer is the application for opticians and optometrists. In addition to customers and training plans, internal company information such as employees and branches can also be managed here.

By uploading your own logo and storing the company color, you make the app yours. Your customers will immediately recognize your company. You are the specialist for healthy vision and we want you to remain the central contact for your customers.


ocobii App

The ocobii app is the perfect companion for your customers when training at home. In the app, detailed exercise instructions are available for reference. By integrating your own videos in the app, you can also explain the exercises pictorially. Exercise materials are available within the app as PDF files and can be printed out by the customer at any time.

Motivation for training is an important factor - our opinion: Motivation through communication! The feedback function keeps you optimally in touch with your customers even during the home training phase. This ensures that your customers are optimally prepared for the next training session.

Voices about ocobii

"Visual training with ocobii is even more fun because it gives me the possibility to adapt the exercises quickly and intuitively to the needs of my customers. I save an incredible amount of time in training preparation and follow-up, and my clients appreciate the detailed exercise instructions." (Stefanie Wöhrle, Blickwinkel - Practice for Optometry, Visual Training and Contact Lenses)